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The natural goodness of a "prey diet"

There are so many benefits your dog will get with a raw diet from Utterly Rawsome. These can include better health (fewer vets visits!), a sleek coat, bright clear eyes, and even a longer, happier life!

Our raw dog food provides the natural goodness of a prey based diet AND the convenience of prepared chunks from a variety of meats. It costs a bit more than kibble, but is so much better for your dog. It isn't minced, either, so your dog can use his teeth!

Every dog is different, so the meat chunks (80% of each pack), offal (10%) and bone (10%) are frozen separately, before packing. This allows you to adjust the balance of bone and offal to meet your dog's needs and preferences, should you need to.

We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable policies, so all our meat is carefully sourced from high welfare UK farms, and our packaging is recycled, reused or compostable whenever possible.

Negative press coverage about raw diets for dogs


Our response to the recent decision by a kibble manufacturer to ban raw fed dogs from participating in its charity programme.

Recently a kibble manufacturer got a lot of media coverage attacking raw diets, and the risks they supposedly pose to owners and dogs.

See our response. and the reasons why we believe that if you follow basic and sensible food hygiene practices, no one will get ill from a raw dog food diet.

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