Chunks of goodness!

Premium raw dog food

Utterly Rawsome - "Chunks of Goodness"

High welfare chunked dog food, sourced in the UK

There are so many benefits your dog will get with a raw diet from Utterly Rawsome.

These could include better health (fewer vets visits!), a sleek coat, bright clear eyes, and even a longer, happier life!

Our raw dog food provides the natural goodness of prepared chunks from a variety of meats. It costs a bit more than kibble, but is so much better for your dog. It isn't minced, either, so your dog can use his teeth!

We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable policies, so all our meat is carefully sourced from high welfare UK farms, and our packaging is recycled, reused or compostable whenever possible.

Why Utterly Rawsome?


Because it's great for your dog.

We make our chunked dog food only from high welfare UK product. The quality of our ingredients is obvious when you open one of our packs. It's not a sloppy mince, it's real food for your dog.

Everything is pre-frozen before packing, and you can pick out individual items such as bone and offal to serve later, if needs be. 

All of our food is balanced to what is known as the "prey" diet (what a dog would eat in the wild - 80% meat, 10% offal and 10% bone).

Because it's served in chunk form, it gives your dog real texture when he eats, a valuable stimulus to his digestion, as well as improving his dental hygiene.

Many of our customers start with our Taster Box (and many are still ordering it, more than a year later!).

You get a selection of five protein, offal and bone sources, all in one affordable pack; the perfect mix for your dog.

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