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Natural goodness of prey

Our raw dog food provides the natural goodness of a prey based diet AND the convenience of prepared chunks from a variety of meats.

Every dog is different, so our meat, offal and bone are frozen separately, before being placed into the final packaging. This allows you to adjust the balance of bone and offal to your dog's needs. 

Utterly Rawsome is brought to you by the people behind Organic Bliss, a long established supplier of sustainable, fair trade, organic and local produce. So you can rely upon our ethical policies, experience and organisation, to provide you with the best customer service.



Our take on the recent decision by a kibble manufacturer to ban raw fed dogs

Recently kibble manufacturers have had a lot to say about the risks of raw food to family members and pets. See our response and the reasons why we believe that if you follow basic food hygiene practices no one will get ill

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