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High welfare and UK sourced

All of our protein packs and treats are made using UK meat sourced from the highest welfare farms, so you can be confident that your dogs are getting the very best nutrition, without added antibiotics or growth hormones.

Many of the questions we get on Facebook focus on chicken; many dog owners who have tried DIY’ing their dogs with raw food have had problems, such as allergies and upset tummies. This is often put down to economy chicken meat bought in supermarkets, so now they want to avoid chicken.

Unfortunately, chicken is probably the most abused protein (and sadly animal) in the UK; despite recent rule changes, many chickens are raised in cage or barn conditions which are still far from ideal. This means there is often an over-use of growth hormones and antibiotics, to maximise profit for the factory farms. This is true also of imported chicken. You can’t see the additives in cheap chicken, but they are there, and have the potential to make your dog poorly. 

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If it’s cheap; there’s a reason. We won’t ever compete on price; don’t risk your dog’s health for a few pennies in savings.

We don’t source any of our meat from the factory farms. It is all high welfare, human grade, antibiotic and growth hormone free. Antibiotics are only ever used if required, not 'just in case' or as a substitute for good husbandry.

This is one of the reasons we are able to provide our meals as chunks. Our meat is top quality and that is visible in the chunks. Mincing would allow us to reduce the quality of the meat as you would not be able to tell. That isn't what we are about though. Our hand cut chunks demonstrate the quality of the food we are offering. We don’t hide behind the mincer.

The same is true with vegetables. We don't throw in cheap root vegetables or rice just to bulk out our products. Our meals may be a little more expensive than our competitors, however you are not paying for poor quality minced meat bulked out with cheap unnecessary ingredients. We believe that (if they choose to) pet owners should add the vegetables or herbs that their dogs prefer and ones that will have appropriate nutritional value, whilst knowing that our chunks of goodness will give your dog 100% of his basic nutritional needs.

Our dogs love vegetables. Mollie the Rottie loves broccoli stems, Taz the min-Schanuzer (aka “The Fun Police” - and “Grumpy Old Man”!) likes carrots, and Dobby the lurcher will take (or steal) whatever is going. However, we don’t normally add vegetables to their food - they have these as additional treats. In the spring and summer months particularly they also like to graze on fresh shoots - knowing what is good for them is a wonder to watch.

Do your dogs have any particular preferences or ways of letting you know what they want? Do let us know

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