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Brexit and Utterly Rawsome

Even though we only use UK produced meat in our products, a no-deal outcome on our negotiations with the EU will have a significant effect on Utterly Rawsome.


Because even though we buy all our ingredients in the UK (direct from farms, estates and abattoirs whenever possible), market prices will rise, as UK demand will almost certainly outstrip supply as the whole industry tries to keep production going, when the demand has to be met, even though supply is uncertain. We have already seen some evidence of this recently, and the Jan 1 deadline is making the market for quality meat nervous.

If our ingredient costs increase, we will have to increase our prices. We do hold stock of ingredients in frozen storage offsite, however these price rises have meant we have had to draw down on these reserves.

We don't see any upside in a no-deal Brexit, only increased costs.

As soon as we know more, we will let you know.

Thank you for your continued support, it's really appreciated!

The Team @utterlyrawsome - Rose, Brian, Zaphia, Charlie & Anya

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