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UK sourced dog food with quality and sustainable delivery!

Here at Utterly Rawsome, we are dedicated to bringing you sustainable and high welfare products, that are the very best for you, your pet, and the environment. 

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All of our meat ingredients are sustainably sourced in the UK. This is because the UK has the highest animal welfare regulations anywhere in the world, (better than the EU, and especially the USA) with the lowest levels of artificial growth hormones, additives and other unwanted nasties. So, you can be assured that if you buy our meals and treats for your dog, you are giving your pet the very best food you can buy.

Sadly, not all raw dog food producers can truthfully claim this. If you wonder why some pet foods are cheaper than others, there is a reason. If it's cheap, a corner has been cut somewhere. Don't let your pet suffer because of it.

Check the pet food packaging that you are currently purchasing. It should disclose the manufacturers name and address, the full ingredients, a DEFRA license number, and the words "Pet food - Not for human consumption". If the product doesn't have this, it is illegal and could seriously harm your pet. Without this information, dodgy pet food can't be traced back to the guilty producer.

Don't risk it, to save a few £'s.


Our sustainability policy also extends to our packaging. Where regulations allow, all our packaging is bio-degradeable. This includes the insulated boxes that we have selected, which are supplied by Woolcool, that use a wool based lining that is fully recyclable (in fact we will be launching a bonus scheme for repeat customers, who will earn discounts if they recycle the outer packaging back to us - watch this space!).

We have also negotiated a competitive 24 hour delivery service with DPD, ensuring that your frozen dog meals arrive quickly and safely, with web based live tracking of your delivery (to make this work, please ensure that you include a phone number and email on your order - we won't pass your details to anybody except DPD). Advising us of a safe place to leave your order is also a great help, as if you aren't in, the driver has to leave your order somewhere as he can't redeliver it later, as it will spoil.

This quality delivery solution does come at a cost, but we hope that you will agree that a fast and reliable delivery service is vital for your dog's dinner arriving safely on time!  

(Images: Woolcool and DPD Local)

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