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DIY Bones

Many dogs enjoy a good chew on a recreational, raw meaty bone. This has many benefits. It exercises their jaws, helps clean their teeth, and gives mental stimulation. We find our dogs always have a good nap after a bone chewing session!

Bones include calcium, phosphorous and trace elements essential in a healthy balanced diet. However, too much calcium has the potential to cause hard white-ish stools that can be difficult and painful for your dog to pass. Most of our packaged meals have around 10% bone content in the recipe. For this reason, we suggest reducing the bone content in your dogs meals, if your dog eats any additional bones. (This is one of the reasons we made the bone separate in our balanced meal packs.). 

All of our meats and bones are 100% British sourced.

When your dog chews on a raw, recreational bone, especially a meaty one with cartilage and soft tissue still attached, his teeth get the equivalent of a good brushing and flossing. This helps to break down tartar, and reduces the risk of gum disease. Many dogs will just enjoy chewing the meat off the bone, leaving the bone itself. In this case, remove and discard the leftover bone(s) promptly.

If however your dog likes to crush the bones and ingest them, we do not recommend giving them hard weight bearing bones (such as beef leg bones), as these have the potential to cause painful dental damage that may require an expensive trip to the vet!

Know your dogs, and be led by them regarding both the size and amount of bone you give them.

Always make sure that you supervise your dog(s) when feeding bones, and avoid cooking or microwaving it, even if it is to defrost it... you are better feeding it slightly frozen if you forgot to take it out in time. Bones can also be a source of conflict, for example if one dog finishes their bone before another one does, and decides on a bit of thievery - especially if one of the dogs has resource guarding behaviour. 



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