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Chunks of Goodness - Meal Packs

The building blocks for your dog's staple diet!

Our protein packs follow the prey diet model, with our complete meals typically containing 80% meat, 10% offal, and 10% bone. All ingredients we use are UK sourced & high welfare, with the chicken and turkey ingredients coming from free range birds. 

Online orders (with delivery included) need to be for at least £40 in value, and 6 kg (12 packs) to minimise the risk of defrosting. For orders of less than £40 in value, there is a £5 delivery charge. Each insulated delivery box can hold up to 20 (24 at a push) protein packs, or 10-12 kg of DIY items, or a mixture of both. 

Please include a mobile number AND an email address with your order, and (if possible) a safe place to leave your order, if you aren't going to be in when our courier comes by.

Delivery by DHL is normally next day, but due to the nature of the courier delivery model, this is not a guarantee, however we do monitor all deliveries and escalate within DHL if a delivery looks to be running late. 

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