Protein Packs

The building blocks for your dog's staple diet. 100% UK sourced, our meal packs follow the prey diet model, in most cases containing 80% meat, 10% offal, and 10% bone. Our protein packs and DIY ingredients also come packed in biodegradable packaging. Free delivery on orders over £75!

Online orders need to be for at least 6 kg (12 packs - ideally 16 protein packs, as this is what fits neatly into the insulated packaging) to ensure the product doesn't defrost.

  • Our meals aren't minced. We believe many dogs prefer the texture of chunks, rather than a minced goo, so we keep the muscle meat as chunks in our meal packs. Mincing is also a common way for many pet food companies to hide poorer quality meat, to boost their profits. 
  • Our meat isn't re-formed from leftovers - so it won't defrost into a slop. It's real meat, professionally diced in our facility, as you can see in the images of the package contents. As it's in its original form, tasty and chewy, your dog can use his teeth to eat his meal, helping to keep his teeth clean, and his mouth healthy. 
  • We don't add veggies to our protein packs - this is because every dog needs meat, but as their veggie preferences vary widely, we leave you as the owner to add any vegetables you know that your dog likes. It's also true some raw dog food companies add vegetables (which are much cheaper than meat) to bulk out their meals to increase profit. We don't agree with this. We do offer supplements, but we believe in keeping our meal packs 100% meat derived.

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