Starter Packs

Looking for a way to get started with raw dog food? If your dog is currently eating kibble, we have just the solution. Your dog will need time to adjust to a raw diet, over a number of weeks, and our Starter Packs are ideal for this. We have four different sized Starter Packs (depending on your dog's current weight) for you to chose from - all in perfect balance, and providing everything your dog needs nutritionally. Your pack will come with meals for your dog, with bone, meat and offal. These ingredients are frozen separately, before being placed into the final packaging, allowing you to adjust the final balance of bone and offal to your dog's individual needs. You can of course also add any vegetables and supplements that you know your dog likes (we don't add these, as every dog's needs are different).

As this is raw food, please follow raw meat safety guidelines closely, keeping our packs separate from cooked meat and vegetables, and washing all bowls, surfaces etc carefully after use.

Simply start with chicken, and after a week or so start to add turkey on alternate days, then mix in beef and lamb as your dog settles into the raw diet. You can continue to use our starter packs (and save 5%!) or move to a mix and match of the individual packs, if your dog favours a different mix of proteins.

All our meats are made up with 100% UK sourced meat. We will be adding further protein sources over the coming months, once we have established reliable & quality suppliers.

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