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About Us - Rose and Brian

Rose and Brian have kept dogs, cats and reptiles for many years. Initially, like most owners, they fed what was easily available commercially, which meant kibble for the dogs and cats, yet whole prey for the reptiles.

They fed the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time.

Sadly, two of their dogs (Jack the Cocker Spaniel, and Lola the rescue Rottie) passed away with cancer. Jack was a fair age of 14 years old, but suffered through his last few years with colitis. As for Lola, she had a very rough start in life before she arrived in the Utterly Rawsome household. She was just a youngster at about five years when she died of cancer of the spleen. When they got Lola, they had tried to feed her a raw minced diet, as per the rescue charity’s suggestion (she was very underweight). However, Rose’s elderly terrier, Fudge, wouldn’t take to mince so all of the dogs reverted to kibble for convenience reasons.

Before Lola passed away, Dobby the rescue Lurcher joined the pack. Soon to be nicknamed “The Dog From Hell”, he was to try the patience of everyone in the house! He struggled terribly with kibble, and would literally “parkour” around the living room walls of an evening – that is when he wasn’t stood barking at Rose, for no apparent reason. A chance conversation with the staff in a new pet store nearby led to Rose bringing home some raw food chunks for Dobby. The rest, as they say, is history.

Within 48 hours, Dobby was a completely different dog. He was calmer, and not climbing the walls (along with his owners!). Also, within a few weeks, Taz the Mini Schnauzer had a better coat, without the dry patches and skin lumps he had been developing. Then, Mollie the Rottie joined the crew as a 6-month-old rescue. Whilst she has some resource guarding issues, she took to a raw diet without any problems.

Having three dogs with different likes and needs, and two fussy cats, Loui and Betty, Rose chose to make up the pets’ meals herself, especially as Dobby, in particular, refused to eat the readily available raw minces. While helping Rose spend hours chopping and weighing the correct ratios of food, Brian wondered aloud how others managed to find the time and inclination to do the same. It became clear that many pet owners didn’t. If they had a dog or cat that didn’t like mince, they often reverted back to kibble – as Rose and Brian had done, when Fudge was alive. The fact is, many dogs just don’t like mince either!

Hence the idea of Utterly Rawsome was born. A species appropriate diet, made with chunks, just like you’d make if you were making up your own. Utterly Rawsome is based on a prey diet with 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

Some dogs will have issues with certain root vegetables (while others love them), and rice and potato are unnecessary fillers that dogs simply cannot utilise for nutritional purposes. Utterly Rawsome leaves these ingredients out, not least because they feel it isn’t right to ask the customer to pay the same price for the veg as the meat content. So, vegetables and supplements have not been added.

Utterly Rawsome believes that each dog has different requirements, and so feel it is better to add your own vegetables and supplements as required.