Getting started with a raw diet

Getting Started with a raw diet

Utterly Rawsome recommend introducing a raw diet according to your dog’s tolerance. Some will tolerate both bone and offal from day 1. Others may be like our lurcher, and take a while to cope with the bone load in a prey model, and hate offal unless heavily disguised (or stolen off the side, as is a lurcher’s want!). Because of this, we pack both the bone and offal in separate moulds, so you can adjust the quantities you feed according to your animal’s tolerance (have a look at our Starter Packs).

With convenient packaging, and the opportunity to adjust offal and bone content, our raw pet food allows your dog to thrive on the diet it deserves. Introduce one protein at a time, perhaps chicken or turkey to start, as these are the easiest to digest while your dog’s digestion changes over to handle meat. Feed this for a week or so, without adding any other protein sources. If all is well, continue with this protein and add in a second protein. Continue this weekly cycle until you have a wide variety of proteins that your animal will tolerate.

We don't recommend mixing the old diet with the new, if you have been feeding kibble previously, combining raw meat and kibble can delay the transition to the new diet, and really confuse the gut! Leave the kibble behind, for ever!

Aim to feed at least five different proteins going forward, as this will help with balancing micro-nutrients in your pet’s diet. If you notice any upset tummies, revert to the previous week’s plan, and leave out the offending protein for the time being.

Once your dog is established on a good variety of proteins you are aiming for a firm, "kickable" stool. Too hard or white, and the chances are the bone ratio is too high, so ease back a little on the bone and include more meat.


Adults - feed 2-3% of target body weight, depending on activity level and breed. No two dogs or cats are the same. Keep an eye on their shape, prominence of their ribs and weight if you are able, and adjust dietary intake as needed.

Many dogs feed once or twice per day. Cats tend to want to feed more frequently due to their metabolism. Again, there are no hard and fast rules – be led by your pet and lifestyle.


Feed 2-3% of their expected weight (if you know this). Otherwise use the following guide. 

Puppies - how much to feed

Ordering, Delivery and Recycling

Simply select the products that you want from our online shop, and then select the shipping method of choice.

For the customers who are lucky to live close to us, we operate a free delivery service to Bournemouth (BH) postcodes weekly on Tuesdays, Southampton (SO) postcodes weekly on Thursdays, and to Salisbury (SP1 to 5) on the last Thursday of the month. 

For the rest of the mainland UK, we use DPD for efficient 48 hour delivery. All of our standard meal cartons are bio-degradeable, although unfortunately the plastic wrapping on the meaty bones and chicken necks aren't (as yet).

Full delivery details here

We pack your frozen dog food carefully into insulated packaging, so that it stays frozen for as long as possible while on its way to you. Please unpack the delivery and place in your freezer as soon as you receive it. We plan to implement a recycling scheme for the insulation material, so please don't throw it away! Returning the insulation will allow you a discount on future purchases, so watch this space for an announcement on how this will work, once we have worked out the details.