OK, let's order!

Thank you for considering Utterly Rawsome! We're on a mission to convert the UK to quality dog food. We only use UK sourced, high welfare meat in our products, free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Please note: We work on a "just-in-time" basis for all online orders. We have a firm cut-off for orders each week - Wednesday @ 17:00. If you order after that time, your order will go into the following week's production run. So, order by Wednesday @ 17:00, and receive your delivery no later than the following Friday. OK? Also - please include a mobile number and an email address, so that our courier (APC Overnight) can advise you of delivery (adding a safe place to leave the delivery helps as well!). Many of our products are also available to order on no-commitment subscription (save 5% too!).

*** Special offer for our Waterside (New Forest) customers - we will deliver orders for free to your home - simply place your order as normal, and we will immediately refund the £9.00 (inc. VAT) delivery fee if under £75.00. ***

There is no delivery charge for orders over £75! (UK mainland only). Orders under £75, the charge is just £9.00 inc. VAT per order.

How much to order? We recommend you feed your dog 2.5-3% of its target adult weight daily, based on activity levels and age. For example, puppies will need more (sometimes much more!). Please, be guided by your dog; just like humans, they are all individuals.

For example, using an adult Jack Russell terrier, that might weigh 7kg fully grown, you should expect to feed between 175g and 210g of our protein pack contents daily. Don't worry about the fact that there is perhaps 100g of meaty bone or 50g of offal in the packs; having a bit more or less bone and offal in one meal will balance out over a week or so. The packs are designed to provide the right dietary mix over a period of time. Defrosted packs can last 2-3 days in the fridge (keep away from all other stored food - ideally in a separate area or drawer). You also may find that your dog might not take to the offal straight away, if they are used to a dry food previously. Simply remove the offal cubes, while still frozen, and offer later as a treat, until they get used to the taste. Similarly with the bone content, which is often a chicken neck in our packs, you can also hold this back and offer as a treat away from meal times (but still include it in your overall weight calculation). 

Decide what timescale you want to order for (don't forget to consider how much spare freezer space you have available). In our Jack's case, a month's worth of food would be about 31 days x 192.5g - average of 175g (2.5%) and 210g (3%) =  5.9675 kg, which is 6kg, or 12 of our 500g protein packs. Ideally, use a mix of at least three protein types, so in this example you might order 2 beef, 2 pork, 4 chicken and 4 turkey. Most of our customers orders are for a fortnight or a month's worth of food at a time. The larger the order, the more affordable the delivery costs become. 

At all times, ensure that you follow all the usual raw food handling precautions (detailed on the packaging).

Sorry if the math's has made your brain ache!

Online orders for courier delivery via Acclaim/APC must be for multiples of 16 protein packs at a time, as this is what fits most efficiently into our shipping boxes. Orders for different quantities may have to be partially refunded to ensure everything stays as cold as possible.

We can't guarantee that the packs won't partially defrost (especially in the summer) despite the insulated packaging, but if it is below +5C when you receive it, it will be quite safe to re-freeze.

Here are our current delivery options:

  • UK wide - delivery by Acclaim/APC, packed in insulated packaging (don't forget the 16 protein pack guidance). Once we’ve created your order, the courier will then deliver it to you the next day. If possible, also leave "safe place" info for the driver, if you won't be in. We can only ship to mainland UK, due to the risk of defrosting.

Non-food orders (treats / toys / chews) - shipping is via Royal Mail Second Class Small Parcel rate (48-72 hour delivery). Unfortunately, any orders placed for pet food with this option selected will have a manual invoice for shipping sent to you.