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Thank you for considering Utterly Rawsome! 

We're on a mission to convert Great Britain to our quality dog food! 

Please read all of the blurb below - it's important stuff. Thanks!

  • We currently work on a weekly basis for all online orders, with a cut-off each Sunday at midnight, with orders delivered the following week (typically on Friday) via DHL. Minimum order quantity of 6kg and £40 value, delivery is included in the price (except Highlands and Islands). For orders below £40, there is a £5 contribution towards delivery costs.

  • DHL will keep you informed of your delivery status via your email and SMS (so please add them to your order details!).

How much to order? We recommend you feed your dog 2.5-3.5% of its target adult weight daily, based on activity levels and age. Please, be guided by your dog; just like humans, they are all individuals.

You also may find that your dog might not take to the offal straight away, if they are used to a dry food previously. Simply remove the offal cubes, while still frozen, and offer later as a treat, or until they get used to the taste. Similarly with the bone content, which is often a poultry neck or wing in our packs, you could also hold this back and offer as a treat away from meal times (but still include it in your overall weight calculation). 

Ideally, use a mix of at least three protein types, to ensure your dog gets a balanced mix of the micro-nutrients. Most of our customers orders are for a fortnight or a month's worth of food at a time.  A reasonable amount of space in your freezer is a must!

At all times, please ensure that you follow all the raw food handling precautions (detailed on our packaging) to avoid the (rare) risk of infection. Please - always keep raw meat away from cooked meat and vegetables.