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Recycle your Utterly Rawsome packaging!

As we are now using wool insulation, you can help us to keep costs down as well as being even "greener", by recycling the packaging back to us for free, via our partners Clicksit and Collect+

We will be running some thank-you promotions this year for our customers who support us in our packaging recycling initiative, so you may win free dog food if you participate!

Every participating customer goes into a draw for a £30 discount voucher each month, starting in September. Winners will be emailed direct with their voucher code (and then get their moment of fame in our Instagram feed!).

Simply retain one of our delivery boxes, and place the insulation in it (you can fit up to ten strips in our boxes), and when you are ready, visit the following website:

and create a free return label. Simply put your order number (UR15xxxxx) in the Order field, add your email address (so they can send you the return label) and choose "Other" for return reason. Print the label out, stick it on our box and next time you are out and about, drop it in at your local Collect+ collection point (there are nearly 8,000 across the UK).

Here is the link to find your local return point:

Thanks for your help, every strip returned helps to keep our prices down!