Prey diet?

About Prey Diets

You only need to do a little bit of internet searching to see that there are many different dietary models that "species appropriate diets" are based on. It can get quite confusing.

At Utterly Rawsome, we believe the best model is that which is based on what the animal’s wild ancestors would have eaten; a whole prey model, which translates as having an 80/10/10 percentage balance in all their meals, which in turn reflects the make-up of all prey a carnivore might eat, such as:

  • 80% (muscle) meat such as tripe, heart, tongue, cheek etc. 
  • 10% offal such as liver, kidney, spleen, brain
  • 10% bone.

Vegetables and supplements are not added as standard with our products; each dog is an individual with different requirements and needs. Supplements can come in useful if your dog is ill and/or struggling with getting older. 

You can add seasonal fresh vegetables as your dog requires. We do feed vegetables, but at our dogs’ request - varying them to seasonal changes and each dog’s preference / need. Our dogs are also great foragers.