Protein Pack - Venison & Duck

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New Improved Recipe! Seasonal product - will be available when we have stock.

Balanced meal packs for working dogs. Feed 3-3.5% of your dogs target weight daily (for pet dogs, feed slightly less, 2.5-3%). These meals are prepared with chunks of deer meat, duck neck & offal. The offal is frozen separately to the meat, so you can easily adjust the serving to suit your dog's taste.

Available as a single pack, 14 pack (5% saving) and 28 pack (7.5% saving) - click on the drop down menu above to select.

Made with UK wild deer meat (100% sustainably sourced from the New Forest and elsewhere in the southern UK). The deer meat source is from Sika, Roe, Fallow and Reeve's Muntjac.

Ingredients: Deer muscle meat 80% & duck giblets (offal & neck bone) 20%.

500g pack. Image of open cartons shows typical contents (clockwise, from top - beef, pork, chicken).

Please note - your total order weight must be for at least six kilos to reduce the risk of defrosting during delivery. Our delivery boxes hold up to 14 packs each.