Starter Protein Packs

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When you first change your dog over to raw, it's wise to introduce one protein at a time. Our starter packs provide you with all you need to do this. 

We suggest starting with chicken, then adding turkey, beef and lamb over the coming weeks. Our starter packs come in four different sizes, depending on the weight range of your dog.

Each pack typically contains enough food for four weeks. For example, a starter pack for a dog weighing up to 10kg will include 7 chicken, 4 turkey, 2 beef and 1 lamb protein packs. Other packs are multiples of these combinations.

For working dogs, we recommend feeding 3-4% of your dog's target weight daily, once past puppyhood. For pet dogs, we recommend 2.5 - 3%. For example, if your dog's ideal weight is in the range 7.5 to 10 kg, you would feed approx. 250 to 275g per day. Following this model can also help your dog, if he is overweight, as his weight will trend down over time. Of course, involve your vet, if you have any worries over how to manage his weight. Be guided by your dog, of course, as some dogs need more or less than these percentages to maintain a healthy weight. 

Each individual pack is identical to our main protein packs, with a selection of ground and whole bones. We have just worked out how much of each you will need for the first four weeks or so. Simply select the appropriate pack from the drop down menu that most closely matches your dog's current weight range, and we will do the rest.

Starter packs are over 5% cheaper than purchasing individual packs.

Individual packs are 500g. Image of open cartons shows typical contents (clockwise, from top - beef, pork, chicken) The cubes are frozen minced offal, and the round item is a "bone burger").