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Turkey & Chicken Chunky Mince 1kg

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The first of our Essentials Chunky Mince range, this is an ideal pack for all dogs that love UK raised, free range poultry. Contains 90% chicken and turkey meat, and 10% chicken bone.

Based on 90/10 this contains exactly the same quality ingredients as our Chunks of Goodness. The difference in price reflects that this is using up the smaller bits of meat that are not considered 'Chunks'. Minced using a large plate, these packs are also a lot quicker to make. Same great quality, just a different texture and price.  

Feed 3-3.5% of your dogs target weight daily (for pet dogs, feed slightly less, 2.5-3%). 

All of our poultry meat is UK sourced free range, high welfare meat. Our farmers don't add antibiotics or growth hormones to their flocks, minimising the risks of allergic reactions.

Ingredients: Turkey muscle meat 50%, chicken muscle meat 30%, chicken bone 20% (~ 10% bone net weight). 

1kg pack. 

We recommend that your pet should always be supervised when eating.

Please note - your total order weight must be for at least 6kg (6 of these packs) to reduce the risk of defrosting during delivery. Our standard shipping box holds up to 12x1kg packs each.